My FiST just got the Sync 2.2 update which includes some Sync 3 updates and the long awaited Carplay and Android auto updates. As someone with a personal iPhone and a work android, I figured every day for a week or two I’d try each and see which was better. Verdict? Sync 3 is better.

This isn’t even a Sync 3 compliment, The XC90 and S90 have sensus and now getting to use those for a few months it’s also much better than AA/CP. It’s simple really, a few years ago when they announced AA/CP most infotainment systems did suck. But they’ve learned and now they’re logically placed and make a ton of sense.

Two major gripes:
1) You can only see one piece of information on the screen at a time. Call me crazy but sometimes I want to change the radio or see what song is playing from my phone AND also get the next bit of navigation information.

Both Sync 3 and Sensus do this without issue


Android auto SOMETIMES does this if you’re in the right screen and phone (I’ll get to this). But Carplay flat out refuses.


2) Both systems mimic the screen and change the dash based on what’s on your phone. Again, call me crazy but I’m human. I’m going to look at my phone from time to time. So when I press the home button on my phone MUST you take me back to the home screen on the dash too? Why can’t I keep the navigation up on the dash and press the home key and quickly check an email or text or something on my phone. Isn’t it MORE DANGEROUS to remove instructions from the screen along with me looking at the screen than it is to allow that behavior? At least AA has a useful home screen with information unlike CP’s absolutely useless grid, but both need major overhauls. Smartphones are different than cars infotainment screens, I know a lot of people try and say that they just want they’re phone screen on the dash, but this isn’t the best way to do it.

So overall Android Auto is a bit better than Apple Carplay, but both of them pale in insignificance to some of the better designed infotainment systems, but are a big step up from some of the older systems.

Thanks for letting me rant.