Just a small dump of cars I've come across where I live. I apologize for the quality of my potato

Triumph TR6

Citroen Fourgonnette

BMW 2002


My Dads 2005 Ford Taurus Wagon in its natural habitat (actually, it's had work done)

My Grandpas 1936 Ford Dump Truck


My old 1993 BMW 525i Touring, RIP

Ford BigJob 750 Tow Truck


Plymouth Valiant Convertible

Custom Ford.....don't know trucks well enough to say more....


My 1969 Volvo 144 with a simply lovely P1800

Daihatsu Hi-Jet crew-cab pickup van thing, whatever it is it's amazing


And now for the real star here....an Austin 7 Supercharged Brooklands Racer. Owned by my friends dad. There was something like 12 or 13 of them ever produced, all for racing. 700lbs, 0.8L Supercharged I4, supposedly will do 90mph O.O I got to ride in it, we went around 55mph and it's the fastest I've ever felt in my life. Seriously the most exciting/scary thing I've ever ridden in. It's legitimately fast, and sounds like a monster from the industrial revolution. I highly recommend it.

Also, gratuitous me in the Austin pic. It's small. I mean so am I, but it's smaller.


Oh yeah, the same guy has a Triumph TR3 that he just fully restored. And a Lotus 7, not a Caterham, a Lotus. That was his first car. So yeah. No SR20 on the Lotus though, it's in storage except for a month or two in the summer, which I wasn't there for. That's been Part 1 of things I find in BC, lemme know if you guys want more :p