I hope everyone had a good weekend. I have been spending a large majority of my free time working in my workshop or on my workbench. (Build - Update - Finished)

It was nice this weekend so I decided to leave the workshop for some vitamin D and take to care of the cars.

I put the summer wheels on the Audi and give it a bath. This is the first time in my 16 years of driving that I have ever had a proper jack to complete the Job, and it was so much faster/easier! I washed/waxed both sets of wheels while they were off the car, which is tedious but much easier when they’re off.


I also took the M3 out to stretch it’s legs which always feels good. I thought about getting out on the Grom but, I don’t currently have a valid permit. Normally such formalities wouldn’t stop me, but after the death of my friend a few months ago I’m just happy to be back in the state of mind where I can picture myself riding again.

Did I miss any good April fools from car companies? I saw the cobb vape, pretty good stuff there.