First off, my SCCA group was the “featured club” this week so we got a little section to ourselves and filled it with diversity

Then there was a Structural Blue LC500. Gorgeous

Of course some other cars, too:


The Carrera RS 2.7 and GT I believe are owned by the same person. A person who I haven’t personally met but I assume is a really nice guy as this isn’t the first time he’s shown up to C&C with the best cars too late to get a good spot, but instead of just going “I’m cool so I’ll park up front in not-a-spot” he parked around the corner out of sight. I saw the 911 from a distance, did a triple take, then noticed the GT. No one else had really seen them or walked over.


Then later I went to a fly-in car show combo:

As if I haven’t had enough cars, autox is scheduled for tomorrow. So much car.