Full saltiness yet to be determined...

We hear this story time and again... another Cars and Coffee event ruined by idiots doing idiot things. Well Cars and Coffee of Kansas City decided to take a proactive role in quelling down the silliness which I am thankful for. However, their tact and delivery could use a little work.

Note: I am happy that the organizers are taking a proactive approach to quelling the stupidity of a few. This is suppose to be a fun event for all car enthusiasts. This is not shitting on them, they are doing what they need to do to keep this community event going.


Yesterday they posted this image to their Facebook page outlining what they expect from people at the show...

The first 3 are very reasonable requests. Be mindful of people’s cars and don’t be a dick. The last 2...


What is a “show car?” A stanced Miata, an original 1976 Ford Econline van, a pure stock 99 Civic that is apparently worth near 30k? This proposal challenged the fundamental feelings of Cars and Coffee for many. To my knowledge Cars and Coffee is an informal gathering of car enthusiasts to look at neat cars and network with other enthusiasts. It is not a car show like Pebble Beach or Good Guys or Motorama... Most enthusiasts see Cars and Coffee being for normal people, not centered around prize winning garage queens.

Needless to say, these rules and the thought of car bouncers lead to much anger, confusion, and saltyness. The comments were quite the rager. Several people showed why these rules were put in place (whether they were trolling or not). Several comments ranged from “Burnouts are the best part” to “Supercars need to stretch their legs.”


Others did show legitimate concerns. Say you own an all original rusty Chevy 210 project. It technically meets none of the “requirements.” It is not fast, unique, rare, obscure, and (compared to the similar Bel Air) not collectible. For a more modern example, is a V6 Honda Accord with an eBay body kit and wing more “worthy of entry” than a Saturn Vue Redline even though they more or less have the same engine, transmission, and downforce? What if you own a sleeper like a Coyote swapped Crown Vic or a Regal GS? Are you too normal for the show lot? When you start telling people that their car which they originally parked in the “show” is not worthy of being there, they get angry...

To try to remedy the issue they posted this clarification image...


This did not help... The different car community sects are very dug in about their cars, and initiatives like this show that. Immediately comments such as “A Ford Taurus is not a real show car,” “if you need to ask, your car is not worthy,” and “ban all the stanced crap” began showing up. Arguments abound about, how can a stock Genesis Coupe could be allowed in, but MY rusty Toyota Tercel 4WD Manual that I drove 1.5 hours to be here be deemed a lowly spectator... [this is not up for debate the Genesis is just as awesome.]

People enjoy their cars and their community. They enjoy each segment of car culture from tuners, stanced, bro trucks, classics, exotics, etc. Cars and Coffee is the amalgamation of all of these cultures where they can get together and enjoy cars. It is not about one or the other, it is about all of us.


I like the utopian though of a holistic entire community approach, but here is the problem. There is not enough space... The organizers at KC Cars and Coffee have put together a nice event and there is simply not enough space to accommodate everyone. They are dealing with a two-fold issue that comes with an growing event, physical space and idiots. The idiots put on a show last month (I will not link their idiocy, search for yourself), and for that we get the rules.

The other motivator of this issue is this “spectator parking.” Most car enthusiasts recognize that their normal car is not what they would call a “show worthy” automobile, and have no issues parking with the general crowd. Whenever I go to a Cars and Coffee, I usually walk through the general lot because sometimes you see neat cars that owners just didn’t want to put front and center. Honestly, I think that if they just designated areas for showing and spectating, most attendees would sort accordingly.

Map with proposed spectator area in blue.

The problem that many have with this spectator area is that it doesn’t exist... It is a field, and many people are reasonably worried about being forced into a muddy field with their stock Miata, Mustang, or Focus ST. Is there a solution, this month, no. Thankfully the weather looks nice and the rain is staying away so there should be no issues.


Again, I applaud the organizers of KC Cars and Coffee for taking a proactive step in trying to quell the idiocy that began cropping up. Yes, it wasn’t necessarily handled in the smoothest of ways, but as the show and facility evolve it will just make sense. Cars and Coffee is not a contest. It is not a race. And it is not a drift exhibition. It is a meet in the truest sense.

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