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Cars and Coffee goes ON!

If there is a way to express my love for a car show it’s through posting videos of them on-line. The other show I frequent is on hiatus till all this crap is over, but Cars and Coffee Southlake? Business as usual. Great people, great cars and a great way to close off the month.

This time I didn’t shoot any super-cars static and focused on the stuff I enjoy shooting more. As usually I took some screen shots and let my kids decide. I was certain they would pick Han’s RX7 but they went for a LT1 C3 corvette. I couldn’t be more proud and surprised at the same time. I put a supercar in it and without fail the supercar gets chosen. Because they are loud and in your face. The LT1 was very pretty though and it was parked beside the ‘70 Thunderbird I shot last month (also a great looking car).

Are there any shows going on where you are at? Or are you guys starved? There are actually a great many more shows I could attend. But given the fact that it takes me 10-20 hours to produce one of these and do it justice I stick with the one I really like. And thank the maker Cars and Coffee Southlake continues to deliver!


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