Cars and Coffee Indy, with all the noise!! SO MUCH NOISE!!

For some reason, people decided it would be awesome if they actually did some acceleration out of the parking lot and it was awesome!


So let us start it out with with a good one, the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. This car is my all time favorite car. The dude backed it up with the door open, what a site!

This was so loud, that it scared a little kid away from it. His mom told him that it won't hurt him. He was still to scared to walk up to it. And then there was the acceleration.

Glorious! He did a return run, which was equally awesome.

This was so hard to film because I wasn't looking at the phone, I was watching the road and moving the camera accordingly, still got some really good footage.

This E30 325i sounded amazing! He put a E36 engine in there. He did a little powerslide at the beginning!

That Shelby sounded so dirty. It sounds like an LS engine, except cleaner. . . and meaner!

The Aston Martin give it a bit of boot, and it sounded nice. I liked the rally prepped Subaru along side it. Both awesome to listen to.

The wastegate sound on the Supra sounded awesome. Don't know how much power but the turbo was pretty big.

Moving on from straight sixes, we have a flat six. Always sounds good, no matter where it is in the car!

Now time for a bit of America!!! Oh yeah!!

So many acceleration runs. These were the highlights, others weren't so loud, or didn't put their foot down to hard! None the less, an awesome day overall!

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