So I was feeling like crap for the latter half of last week. I worked out of the house Thursday and Friday, and naturally Friday was my worst day. People were asking me if I was going to go, and I simply replied that it was up in the air. I was supposed to ride out with a new friend of mine in his deuce and a half (review, or rather experience, will be up in December), but because I was feeling the way I did I told him that if I was going to go I would go on my own accord.

When I lay down in bed I decided. I am going to make a post when I wake up that I am not going to go. So I wake up, still feeling like death and grab my phone.

*bing* a text message from my car head father in law.

I’m sitting at NTB getting new tires and all I’m hearing is a steady progression of rumbling V8's heading to cars and coffee. Very cool.

I blinked. Well dammit... That’s it then... I am going... I jumped in the shower, cleaned up and went to the show.

By the end of it I was a member of the walking dead. I really shouldn’t have gone. But I did... because Cars and Coffee. And that E24 BMW alone was very much worth it. What a stunning car!