Cars and Coffee, Pittsburgh 5/18/19

E93’s still look odd but the V8 sounds lovely with the top down

Finally had some free time and made it to Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee for the first time this season. Took a E93 M3 today which was fun especially since my GTI is filthy and I haven’t had time to clean it.u

Unfortunately it was partially raining at the start so there wasn’t a great crowd until near 11 am. Big hitters today were a few 570s, Hurricans, R8s, quite a few GT3/RS’s and AutoVlogs F12. Plenty of nice M cars, muscle cars and hot hatches as usual.

Great plate

Ended up only taking these photos and talking with folks some more. Clearly you can see I’m dreaming of owning a GT3. Hoping the weather is better next time, I’m really curious to see the Senna that’s in my area.

Now time for beer, have a good Saturday, Oppo!

Finally found some KBS

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