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Cars and Coffee Southlake!

I actually didn’t go to Cars and Coffee Southlake for months. The weather, getting sick, having a wisdom tooth taken out. Everything just happened to be on the car show dates. Figures right? But we’re back fresh in 2020 at a “special” location.

To be completely transparent: I wasn’t even planning on going. I liked their other location, and a new location is always a gamble. In the end I was happy happy I did go because there were some great cars in attendance. The GT500 made it as the cover car, but I nearly put the Lancia Delta Integrale there instead. But since I had done that already in a past one and I wanted to highlight a different car also dear to my heart. It was beautiful inside and out.

On the exit shots: Some people went a bit too far. I never edge people on, that just isn’t my style. But I am more a fan of clean pulls then car-show ending burnouts. Another thing I absolutely hated was the fact that the lights there were equipped with beepers for the blind. Great for blind people, and they should be on every intersection, but super annoying on the video editing side. I could eliminate most of it, but some were stubborn, hidden in the audio. Still a 100% better than it would have been had I not gone through the effort of cleaning it up. The outtakes are raw footage, and you can hear the beep in its full glory. It was maddening... But it was also the only place I could get decent shots. The exit point at that location was downright dangerous. The road surface was left a lot to be desired and business exits all over. Big nope there.


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