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Cars and Coffee... We're BACK!

It’s been about 2.5 months since I last shot a car show. I never knew how much I love doing it until I couldn’t do it anymore. But we’re back, the cars were out in full effect and I definitely went on a Euro binge this go around. There were some gorgeous cars there, a silver DeTomaso Pantera, A yellow Lancia Delta Integrale and the cover car, the GTV6. It would have been the Delta, but I’ve featured one in the past, and the GTV6 is definitely also on that alltime favorite car list.

I went heavy on the vlog section, so the description will take you right to the action!

The cool thing about this show was there were a couple of people there from Mexico. I came face to face with a Seat Leon, and it has been a while since I had seen a car donning the badge.

I am glad we’re back in the game. The car community is STRONG! I even have a car review planned. Probably have to push it though... Because I managed to burn my lip whilst editing this video, and it hasn’t healed over yet. I guess you can’t have everything...


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