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Cars and Corona

The resurgence is real. The first event at this location was good, but there were plenty of spots left for people to come back in. This time though? The lot was packed with great cars to the point they actually had to turn people away. A little bit of a bummer, since that means this location is already at capacity and not able to grow further.

The car I loved the most was the Buick Regal Turbo T (which I first mistook for a Grand National until I saw the badging on the steering wheel). That would have been the cover car, but I let my kids pick the cover cars now. They picked two different pictures. My daughter went with a matte black Huracan (with red accents) and my son wanted this SVJ. Since it is his birthday this month we decided to give him the honors this time.

I am happy this event is able to be held, it almost feels normal again. I say almost because the other event I frequent, Cars and Cantina, has been cancelled for August. At this stage I also don’t know if Cars and Coffee will be back but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Side note is that I haven’t reviewed a car in quite a while. This thing is messing with everyone’s mojo man! (Well, at least mine...)


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