Cars and Duke Boys // June 1st 2019

Typical Texas weather was back in full effect. Roasty Toasty! But I take that in stride after all the rain we have gotten. Interestingly enough there was (again) rain in the forecast for the show times at the beginning of the week, but luckily that forecast got pushed out to the evening times once we got closer to the weekend.

I did got there late, so I cursed myself as I saw a SVJ drive past. I definitly want to get some great slider shots of that one in the future. Hopefully he shows up again!

I think it was a pretty successful show. One mishap featuring an R32, but those things happen unfortunately. I hope the show is resilient enough to survive it.


My favorite was definitely the General Lee, I have had an obsession with it ever since I saw the Dukes of Hazzard and I will probably never be rid of it. So when I see a General Lee, I got to shoot. And this was a very nice example!

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