As I was cooking meatloaf the Friday before Cars and Coffee the power nearly went out 2 times. It was my first time cooking meatloaf so it was perfect timing for a thunderstorm. In the end the meatloaf came out great, and the storm dissipated shortly after. The wife was happy, I was happy... But what about cars and coffee?

The rain somehow failed to completely soak Classic BMW’s lawn, so all cars could be moved onto the grass for the event. The weather on Cars and Coffee morning was great and I knew it would be a great one.

As I was walking around I was approached by many subscribers, and one of them asked me if I saw the new Ford GT yet. I replied with a no. I usually leave the super-car row for what it is due to the massive foot traffic. But upon hearing Ford GT I had to make a bee-line to at least see it in person. Somehow I was able to sneak in, get some tripod pans and as I got to the rear of the car the owners got in and started it up. This was all in a span of 5 minutes. Had that subscriber not said anything I would have missed it entirely and that would have been a major downer.

The great part of this particular show next to seeing a Ford GT in the flesh? Both exit were open again! Great cars, I get to shoot my favorite exit spot AND again that Ford GT. This was easily the best show of 2017!