I really love my hobby, going to car shows and reviewing cars. But boy, I really did a number on myself these past weeks at cars and coffee and now cars and cantina. Stayed out in the heat for just a little too long and I have been feeling the effects. The show was great though, and the Gen 2 Camaro was my absolute favorite.

Funny thing, I ended up feeling like crap most of the week that followed the show, and I turn around and review a Honda NSX in the full force of the sun the next weekend. I am feeling it as I type this, definitely did not do my body any favors. But, NSX. There is no guarantee that you would be able to drive and review a car like that if you postpone. I stayed in the shade, took plenty of breaks and consumed copious amounts of water as I shot the glamour shots. Incidentally, it was the NSX featured in the music portion of this video. I’d suggest watching on YouTube, so you can scroll to the appropriate area with great ease using the timestamps.


Anyway, that was my two weekends summed up to a T. Too much sun, and a great time doing car stuff!

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