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Cars and NSX

Another month, another cars and coffee. Nothing could prepare me for the sheer onslaught of NSX’s at the show. I have seen my fair share, but they never fill up an entire lane. Sure, there was an EVO who snuck in the lineup, but since they are no longer made (and I really enjoyed reviewing the EVO X) I forgive the interloper.

There was also a Supercar there that I would love to drive one day. A Murcielago clad in, for one who does not know any better, a gorgeous “British racing green”. The manual makes it an instant favorite. The last of the Lamborghini V12's to sport a gated shifter and a clutch pedal.


The other favorite was a super clean 1970 Grabber Blue Boss 302. Original car, on period correct bias ply tires for undoubtedly the ride of your life if you drive it as it was intended. It was a 4 speed car too, the owner had it since 1984 and did everything, from drag racing to road racing. Now she’s retired, although the rubber sticking to the rear quarter lets everyone know she can still lay it down.

Which was your favorite?

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