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Cars and R33

Cars and Cantina is always a nice time because you end up seeing new cars all the time. The show has grown considerably since the early times with translated in increased police activity and the lack of a primo filming location for the exit shots. But the lot is great for filming cars, and this time there was an R33 GTR there that came straight off the boat the day before. The owner practically drove it straight to the car show which I think is the coolest thing ever.

The R33 is one that grew on me over the years. I liked the R34 (who doesn’t) and never really paid any attention to the other ones until I saw them pop up at local car shows. Now I like things about every R generation, but the R33 is definitely up there. It’s like they took the R32 and let it eat, turning it into a curvy beauty.


Not the only great car at the show mind you. Loved the RB swapped S13 as well and the cobra that looks like a bear to tune if one of the carbs goes out of sync!


So, what do you think? R33 ftw or nah? And if any OPPO’s went to Cars and Cantina in the Colony, which was your favorite?

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