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Cars and Rained out Coffee

If there is one thing I hate dislike it’s Texas weather. Especially when the weather gods overthrow the car gods twice in a row. Last month was outright cancelled, this month had an inkling of a sprinkling, so the show went on as scheduled.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was overtaken by a new Aventador S on the way to Cars and Coffee. When I was at the show there was plenty of old iron I could shoot while light rain drizzled on everything. It made for some interesting shots. I could get up close to the Aventador S with little to no effort (impossible on a good day) and had the NSX (pre production car!) practically to myself in the beginning.


The exit situation hasn’t changed, which is very unfortunate. It is hard to get a right angle at the single exit. Upon talking with the Cars and Coffee staff they let me know one of the officers said they did not want them to use the other exit (the one I usually stand at). I really hope this will change in the future, if it is a nice day I would not be able to get any of the cars leaving from where I was now due to the massive crowd that gathers there.

My opinion on this month is a mixed bag. The exit situation is still horrible, but I was pleasantly surprised by the high dollar cars that ended up at the show regardless of the crummy weather. Hopefully next month will blow my socks off!

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