Cars Are For The People

Unfortunately this post is all hypothetical. If I was rich though I would share my passion for cars. When someone becomes lucky enough to gain millions of dollars and the cars of their dreams, they tend to build huge beautiful garages for them. Garages full of mythical cars that most of us enthusiast will never see let alone touch or even get to drive. That makes me a little sad. I have always thought that the experience of driving a fast expensive car shouldn't be reserved for the one percent. A large majority of that one percent aren't even enthusiast they simply buy for the sake of a status symbol.


To the left is a good example. The Hollywood elite. Kayne West and Kim Kardashian in a Lamborghini Gallardo. Do they know that Ferriuccio Lamborghini originally built tractors? Do they know Lamborghini was started over an argument between Old man Ferrari and Mr. Lamborghini? Probably not, and that makes me a little upset. The people who buy the fast expensive cars do not really understand or appreciate the heritage they are so endowed to driving. They will never understand the excitement so many of us feel to see unique, rare, and fun car.

Kayne West, Justin Bieber, etc. would never share their cars with the public. They would never take a one of a kind Bugatti to a car show to inspire the love in a young child for cars. Even some of the biggest collectors hid their cars away in their garages. The ones that actually are brave enough to take the cars out do not drive them. They simply display them at Pebble Beach hidden away from a mass majority of the public.

Why do they do this? Why can't someone bring a Duesenberg to my local car show? The car collecting world would have more enthusiasts if the automotive equivalent of a Picasso was seen by the mass public. Unfortunately that will never be. Some cars will be forever hidden away form the public by the elite. These elite, the extraordinary car caretakers, have a responsibility to promote the automotive love affair. As does companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Two companies I did not even see at the Detroit Auto Show. Their spectacular cars were hidden away from millions hoping, dreaming to see a Ferrari. We are not worthy, not worthy to sit in the cars, or even touch them. Like high security gold they are roped off from the public. To touch is forbidden, to sit in is grounds for arrest. It is disheartening, why not let peoples dreams come true? Let them sit in the Ferrari and Lamborghini. If the companies lucky enough them might inspire a small child with the lust to one day buy a Ferrari all because he/she got to sit in one when they were five.


Perhaps one day someone will be generous enough to let a small boy or girl drive around with them in a Ford GT, better yet give someone the opportunity to fulfill their dream and drive the car. The car world needs more people like that. They need more people like Jay Leno who does webisodes for the public to at least see his garage. There is a wall between most enthusiasts and the endowed who are lucky enough to own automotive masterpieces. We must tear down this wall! After all cars are for the people.


Thats me with a stupid grin on my face sitting in a new Stingray and revving the engine. I may never sit in one again, but in those precious moments the Stingray felt like it was mine. Shouldn't everyone get an experience like that at least once?

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