Cool car? Hell yeah. Cool owner? (Warning: rant)

Hell no.

This, good people of Oppo, is one of many cool cars owned by perhaps one of the least cool people ever. He shops at the new Sam’s club where my mom works and this spot where he parks isn’t even a parking spot at all. This is where Club Pickup customers are supposed to park their cars to pick up what they ordered online, and my mom’s job is to load their stuff into their car. That isn’t possible to do when this asswipe parks his car in the way, so people just leave. That, and he walks around the store just and acts like he’s better than everyone else. He also owns a Huracan LP 580-2 and Aston Martin DB9 and God knows what else. Sure, these are some damn nice cool cars but it’s not anything when owned by a massive jerk.


That is all. Go back to your shitposting.