Since it’s late and I’m in a bit of a mood for musing, I figure why not try and write something that’s been on my mind for the longest time about cars being one of my few constant motivators in life.

Like most humans, I require some form of motivation and/or rewards to stay motivated to continue moving forward. One of those constant things since I was a kid has been cars. Whether it be an old Mustang I wanted when I was a small child to the Ferrari Enzo I remember reading about in the Guinness World Record book in grade school. I can be having the most tiring and shitty day ever but somehow cars will be able to cheer me up. There is a strange sensation of relief that washes over me leading to a feeling that says, “it’ll be okay.” The voice goes on to say, “If you make it through this and keep fighting then maybe one day the cars will come.”

Now I know to some people, perhaps even car people, that thought seems absolutely crazy. Perhaps that’s just how I cope with things, perhaps that’s a universal thing among true car people. Regardless it amazes me how humans can be motivated based on what they truly value.


That all leads me to wonder though, is there any other hobby that really motivates people to work as hard as cars?