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Cars Best at Night

I am really getting into fish bowling. I do keep my car interiors clean due to the weight savings, no interior distractions during sportier driving sessions, efficiency gains, and of course hepatitis prevention. That said, due to driving the XF at the book ends of the day, I havent been bugged by the desert sun enough to bother with tinting (there is a light amount on it though).

This is reminding me that there are some cars I like far more due to their presence at night time rather than when the sun is up. This low tint life makes me want a car specifically for my end of the day, no destination, 90 minute weekend drives.

Ive been dreaming of a convertible specifically for these occasions. I dont even want or use a sunroof during the day, but once the sun goes down I love having sight over head. These are the only times I can ever see owning an exotic car.

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