Okay, so we’re going to take a piston and pump it up and down. This is going to make air move. Then we’re going to use some tree shaped pieces of metal to make the air move in one direction. These are going to be moved by some turning egg shaped deals with metal parts that slide along their surface. Then we’re going to shoot in a flammable cocktail if chemicals at just the right mixture so when a jolt of electricity jumps a gap it sets a huge fireball off and makes the pistons start pumping themselves. Then we’re going to make them pump hard enough by adjusting how much air and chemicals we give them so we can make power off the moving shaft of the pump. And then flow a bunch of water around just to keep everything from melting. That’s going to lead into a bunch of other pumps and friction surfaces that somehow don’t destroy everything around them, such as the dozens of precision cut gears. This leads to a few rubber balloons that contact a mixture of rock and tar and allow you to move forward at surprisingly fast rates of speed and even grip to the point that if you were standing you’d fall right over guaranteed.

And this works. Millions of times over. By people who give fuck all about upkeep. For years. In harsh as hell environments. And we EXPECT it to!

These things rely on miracles just to make it out of the freaking driveway!

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