Cars and Coffee Dallas is dead, long live Cars and Coffee Southlake! I missed the first show because I was sick, but that just made more more determined to make the second month. The weather wasn’t optimal, but as the picture below shows it didn’t stop some nice cars from showing up.

But then we get to the thing that killed Cars and Coffee Dallas. People taking the entire hand instead of just that finger when they exit the show. Don’t get me wrong, antics are great footage and even better click bait titles if you are into that sort of thing. Me? Not so much, which probably explains in part why I don’t get a yuge following, refusal to chase the click bait. But I digress.


The first show they had police posted up. They actually allowed some leeway to the 35mph speed limit that is on that street. This time the officer had the time down wrong which allowed the hoons to go nuts because the entire hand could be taken without risk of a ticket. Save for one Subaru (not on film) who got nabbed as he left the show with some brisk acceleration. It’s always the guys that don’t go nuts that get in trouble. I hope he didn’t end up with a ticket.


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