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My ‘06 Mazda 6GT (5MT)

I was going through my truck’s paperwork today (living it up!) and found that I had misfiled some documents for a comprehensive claim I had in my Mazda 6 back in 2014. Below is a description of what occured:

“Location: (Redacted)

On August 15, 2014 at approximately 6:30-6:45pm an unknown dog gained access to my Mazda 6 hatchback sedan through the ajar driver’s side door.


The dog struggled while entering due to a failure to gain traction; after hitting the side of the passenger’s seat, the dog entered the back seat over the centre console. The dog then was retrieved from the rear driver side door by its owner.”

The damage ended up being nearly a grand, the dog was a large golden retriever and had long nails. The leather seats and upholstery didn’t stand a chance. I don’t have pictures anymore, but it was bad.

Luckily, my insurance covered it and the guy paid the damages. He ended up being the CFO of the company I worked for at the time. No joke

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