Cars & Coffee

My local cars and coffee moved from 30 minutes away from my house to 4 minutes away from my house. However, I drive by it and look on every Saturday morning to do something even cooler. Saturday mornings I take my little girl to swim class! It’s our thing, we have been going since she was six months old. I just keep signing her up for the next class.

There is a 3 week gap in between the class that ended last Saturday and the start of the next level class. So this Saturday I’m going to take the 02 and one of the puppers pictured below down to cars and coffee!


The boxer is better behaved but he gets super nervous around crowds. The Mastiff is massive and clumsy but she is very sweet and is not fazed by anything except scritchies and ice cubes. (She really likes both). So it will most likely be my big girl “Jules”.

Anyway, if you’re an Oppo in southeastern PA and want to look at cars on Saturday morning. I will be at the CnC at the Wegman’s in Malvern. It’s a small/medium sized CnC, well run and pretty tame. A ton of exotics because there is a lot of money in the general vicinity, but there are a lot of unique cars too. Just in my little neighborhood there is a MINT VW type 2, a Packard, a 70's cop car, a super lifted XJ, an i8, a  and some guy who has built his own “T-Rex” trike type of thing. I know they all attend most weekends.

When I first got the 02, gigantic XJ guy came by to ask about it. He asked if I had seen how many cool cars were in our tiny neighborhood. We both agreed that it’s pretty odd. There is also a Murano CrossCabriolet, but she doesn’t go to CnC.

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