Cars & Coffee Also Dog

My wife and I constantly talk about how we need a nice relaxing weekend. Then the weekend comes and we proceed to make ourselves feel like we have to pack in as much stuff as possible so we don’t waste any time. So this relaxing weekend looked like this:

Friday: Took a half day and made an appointment for my wife to get a massage and manicure stuff because she deserves it (she works full time from home and watches our child). I got to spend the afternoon with my little girl! After she went to bed, I installed mudflaps on the Alltrack in the dark. Then I yanked the cluster out of the 02 and took apart the speedo to see if I can fix it. I can’t the spring is broken... So I bought another from the guy who sold me the car.

Saturday: Up at 6 wash and wax the 02 load up a 150 lb Mastiff and drive 1.4 miles to cars and coffee. Come home cut the grass, get ready for and go to a wedding. Get SUPER drunk


Sunday: SUPER hungover, up since 4 WW3 inside stomach and brain. Started to feel a little better after hot shower #3. 7:30 am friend arrives to pick me to go MTB an hour away at White Clay in Delaware. We get to the park, I forgot my helmet...We go to target to buy a new one, 40 minutes later were on the trail. First mile was bad, but then I found my feet. I know a lot of Oppos are MTB dudes, If you’re near Delaware you owe it to yourself to check this place out. It’s professionally maintained by a MTB club and it shows. Everyone had really nice bikes too I was a little Jealous.

So cars and coffee.

No 4th gear for you

I bought my big girl Jules. She was excited to come along and shes very friendly. Also she is now well behaved enough to be around fancy cars. As we parked, people surrounded the car and for the first time ever I saw her get nervous. She wouldn’t get out of the car! So I let her be for a minute as I had something else to deal with all of the sudden.

Hello, dog here

Some dude starts talking to me about my car, but 4 other people are also talking to me about it and my only real concern at this point is backing people off a little bit so that my dog can relax. Then this dude reaches in the window flips the hood latch, throws my hood up, grabs a hold of the engine and starts shaking it around. He is just gushing about the car while hes doing this, so I let him continue. Like, “who the fuck is this guy just molesting my car right now!?”

My first thought is “This guy must be the Lord of the 02's in this area.” Then I say, “Hey, are you Bob?” “Yeah!” he said mentioning that we had chatted on FB when I was considering buying it. I had reached out to him at the advice of a friend. Honestly the guy wasn’t that hot on the idea when I talked to him. Saying that I could get a good car for that kind of money right here in the US. I didn’t really convey how unique the car is. He grabbed a few of hes buddies that were there and they all had the same opinion. Then they the conversation quickly turned to, “So when do you want to get this thing on the track?” I said that I want to ASAP, but need a little guidance. They all offered their help, parts, and shops. Everyone one of these guys had at least 3 02's, haha.


After 45 minutes or so, I had chatted up everyone interested in my car and in rolled a perfect 993 Turbo S in speed yellow. So the group moved on and a couple with a dog came buy which was enough to coax my pupper out of the car. She was so good! She was so careful around the cars, kids, and other dogs. She was every bit as popular as my car. We had a look around then she decided to take a big ol poop right next to what had to be the two most valuable cars in attendance. Two 60's Ferraris, lol.


I always think of my 02 as kind of a dorky cult car. People know about it and it’s old and different so it will get some looks/comments. I forget that it is full blown celebrity status when you get with in eyesight of car people. I think the FP did an article about how the BMW 2002 is the least hated car in the enthusiast community. It certainly seems that way.


I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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