Strange, I felt like I was there last month. A tickle in my throat and all around sick feeling. I literally rolled from my bed into my car. I bought a new tripod (Manfrotto 055) and was itching to try it out with my fluid head, damn this getting sick again business. Goodbye wobbly no name tripod! It was nice working with you all these years. Naturally, as I type this I am hacking up a lung, working from home (this be lunch break).

Driving to Cars and Coffee I was greeted by a wall of dark clouds ahead of me, but somehow those clouds were about a mile further west than I thought they were, leaving Cars and Coffee completely rain free. And boy, was I glad that was the case. It was the busiest C&C of 2017, and that is always a good thing! I finally saw the 2000GT drive past my camera, and what a car that is! Another childhood supercar was there too, a 1991 Lamborghini Diablo. Got to love those!

The only downer this month: The tollway was being worked on, and it made traffic a mess at times. And because of the weather there was a lot of wind noise, which resulted in me moving to another location so I did not catch a lot of that wind right into the microphone.


I loved the aircooled VW crowd this month, they always set up their cars in a very unique way. Some see old bugs, I see works of art! And that 409 wagon with a 4 speed and dual quad! Stunning! And what was also very cool... a random R34!

Let me know what you thought of this month if you went! And if you didn’t go and still watched the video (thanks for the support) tell me what you liked best!

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