Spring is here, allergies are in full swing and temperatures are climbing. It was a great day out; temperatures were right in between 60 and 70 degrees. It was cold enough to keep the moisture from becoming an issue, but warm enough to walk around in a shirt. It was prime weather for a car show! I just know I'll be dying in the summer months.

I parked my Grand Marquis far away from the good looking cars and started my walk to the lot. As I was walking my eyes met with a car that should have been in the main lot, a very clean AMX. Initially I walked on, but then I stopped and turned back. I never really took video of a car in the spectator lot, but this one might have started a trend I'll continue if something catches my eye like that AMX did.

Lots of spectators, lots of cars I had not seen. There was another DeLorean there from May 1981. It was an automatic, but still. She looked FINE! Then there was a Jensen interceptor that was done up. Reportedly there is a Viper motor under all that bodywork.

Enforcement was down, although someone had the misfortune of being pulled over by a Texas State Trooper. The event was unrelated to the show, but still received an honorable inclusion in this month's video to serve as a reminder to keep it civil. People started to get on it a little more this time around and some took it a bit further than what would be considered "civil".


There was another first too, an old Military Defender. With Dutch plates no less! It was imported by her Dutch owner 2 months ago.

This show has been crowned the best of the 2015 Cars & Coffee season. I can't wait till I find out what the next months in 2015 have in store!

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