Cars & Coffee Dallas // August 6th 2016

Weather was hot... Cops were thick as thieves... All ingredients for a sub par experience at Cars and Coffee Dallas. The first can’t be helped, this is Texas after all, and a year is not complete without getting close to heat stroke due to your love for cars and the creative process. The second... well. We got those tire roasting curb hopping wall scraping folks to blame. Flyers were handed out at the Dallas Cars and Coffee pretty much threatening arrest for any unsafe behavior on the streets. Just stab it a little in a straight line... No loss of traction and not too far over the speed limit and you’ll be fine.*

But enough about the doom and gloom. How was it? Well, amazing. For a few reasons... One, I saw a car I never thought I would. All I say is PlayStation one and gran turismo 2... I raced the shit out of one! You win the internets if you know which one I am on about.


The car that almost made it on the cover was the DeLorean with a custom VR6 swap. That was until I saw one of THE muscle cars... An original 1968 HEMI Charger R/T. What a machine. And that engine... it DWARFS a 440. Massive. And it sounded so GOOD! Forgive me, but I had to shoot some extra footage of that car idling trough the lot. And the kid that gave it some revs? The son of a very cool dad. And don’t worry, when it’s his it stays as it is now. Unmolested!

On the supercar side the F12 TDF was a sight to behold. I love those GT cars! I wonder if I could get the owner to let me review... wait... nevermind... I am getting ahead of myself. Lets go to the video:

Which was your favorite? Let me know!

* Depending on the mood of the officer... I shall not pay your ticket... :P

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