The weekend C&C actually was supposed to be on rained out. Because every December our local Cars and Coffee gets toys for Toys for Tots they postponed the show till the following weekend which fell on the 10th of December.

Unfortunately the weather turned cold. Ok, it’s December, it’s to be expected... but this is also Texas, where this coming saturday is 70, and the low the following night is 20... Anyway, attendance was down, significantly.

Naturally there was still plenty to see, just less footage to shoot. This wasn’t a bad thing from a personal standpoint as I made the transition from my aging Vegas 10 Pro to the Adobe suite. As a result my workflow was 100% different, and it was harder to edit with it for sure. But, it is future-proof and I got the basics down. And the way it renders is amazing. It’s about twice as fast!

My personal favorite was the first car I stared down, the 1972 Cutlass. Very clean looking car! Which one was your favorite?

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