I wake up to go to cars and coffee around 7:00am. Not having to show a car has it's advantages for sure. When I opened the garage door I felt the air temperature. "It's actually nice out," I thought to myself, deciding then and there to leave my jacket at home. A decision I would come to regret when I left from visiting the in-laws after cars and coffee. December... Texas, I truly have a love hate relationship with your weather patterns.

When I arrived it was clear the weather made it one of the most successful Cars and Coffee yet.

It was another month for firsts, but I will only mention one of the two. (if you really have to know, click here). I finally saw the McLaren P1! It looked (and sounded) awesome. There are few things better than seeing exotics haul ass. And they did. I have some prime acceleration clips in this edition. You could honestly turn off the screen and just listen to some of the exhaust notes and still be entertained.

The "Banzaiiii awesome 1000hp" GTR. He got on it too. I like the wrap a lot, and the sound was great. Another GTR was in it's wake... Symphony!


This month the footage was shot with a borrowed Sony α6000 with the 16-50mm kit lens. For those that have watched my previous videos I would love some input on which you think is better. I am seriously thinking about buying that camera.

Enjoy... and fingers crossed... hopefully I'll be back in January 2015 @ Cars & Coffee Dallas!

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