I always thought that I would miss the first cars and coffee since I started due to vacation plans or illness. That was however not the case as the January 2016 show got cancelled due to inventory control at the host, Classic BMW in Plano.

Fast forward to February 6th. I had stayed home sick the two days prior and once I woke up on that Saturday I felt so so. “Maybe I shouldn’t go,” I thought. Nah, I am jonesing for some of that cars and coffee action. And I was back at a level that I would go back to work anyway, so the heck with it.

I get in my car and it is instantly a downer. I see rain accumulate. It’s light, but still rain. That usually means people don’t bring out their prized possessions. Boy was I wrong. First I had to hunt for a parking spot and the second I start walking the grounds I see a 918 pretty much right off the bat. Nice. But the most surprising car of all was the Lamborghini Miura.

So yeah, I think it was a great turnout, despite the fact it was miserable outside. It was also quite windy, which was the reason why I opted to use music in the first part this time around.

Happy 2016 Cars and Coffee! May this year be another great one!