Oh Texas... The winters are usually not that bad (we had ZERO frost this year...) and that means Cars and Coffee year round. But the flip side to this all? Summer... The ability of that copper scoundrel* to heat up the DFW area in the early morning is amazing. Hydration is a must!

But, when weather is good... cars are good. Plenty of classics around this time! One thing that was unfortunate was the wind. I had to cut much footage, and I am reluctant to buy an external microphone since you never know if you are recording audio until it is too late. Something akin with dust spots on your sensor. Something I found out when I got home... two nice ones. Could have been way worse, but as you can imagine I wasn’t happy with the tarnished footage. #ThatContentCreatorLife

My favorite car of the day? Even though the Aventador and the crowd around it is the cover car, the 599 GTO I included at the tail end of the video was absolutely stunning! Which one did you like best?


*(translated from a dutch saying of “koperen ploert” which means sun)

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