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Cars & Coffee Dallas // July 4th 2015

It really seems the months are going faster and faster, it seems like yesterday that I posted the June C&C video here.

July 4th, Independence Day! ‘Merica was strong in this one! Lots of flags everywhere and everyone was in a great mood! Lots of awesome cars to see, and it was another time for firsts. My eyes practically left their sockets when I saw a 1987 Lancia Delta Integrale. It was a childhood dream car for me, and to see one in Texas of all places... Awesome.

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I shamefully lifted the picture on the left from dallas craigslist. The car, and incidentally also a red one from the same seller, are for sale. The current owner imported the integrales from Poland, and the “martini” looked pretty darn good. Delta’s have a tendency to get crusty, I have seen many horribly disfigured back in Europe. The Texas climate agrees more with these cars for sure.


I asked the owner to rev it up, and he did. That 80’s rally car sound. What a car. I Never drove one, but I know I’d love it!

Naturally there was plenty more to see. I did not realize a Porsche 918 did a little pull in front of my camera till I shut off the record button. Got to love it when luck is on your side. There are plenty of things that happen right in front of me that I miss (or, have temperary equipment shutdown due to overheating).

Another thing that I have to mention is that the only police car I saw was the one I filmed. There was practically no enforcement, and this caused plenty of people to grab the entire hand instead of just the finger. I am not going to lie, some of it makes for good footage and GREAT audio, but I fully expect enforcement to be trough the roof next month.


I hope you enjoy this month’s installment, I sure did!

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