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Cars & Coffee Dallas // June 4th 2016

After skirting the torrential rains that have been gracing the DFW area for the last few months now we got caught in the tail end of one of those systems. When there is a lot of rain before a cars and coffee weekend the dealership can not park their cars on the grass. The message “There will be limited parking available” keeps most of the old cars home, and with it also the crowds that usually grace the grounds.

But, one should always prepare for the unexpected. After shooting a nice vintage 6 series BMW my eyes turned towards the exit I usually never film at. In view came a blocky shape. A hatchback. A shape I haven’t seen in so long. My heart skipped a beat as I saw that little red car turn towards that wretched exit.

A Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9! I can’t remember the last time I did the 100 yard dash, but it happened there. I sprinted over and talked briefly with the owner. More like “I am a blabbering out of breath idiot, I love these cars and I am not worthy” I promptly spoke to the stewards that keep everyone away from the street and excused myself as I posted myself on the corner to capture the best hot hatch of all time drive off. What a glorious little car! The funny thing was that I had been reminiscing about my love for Peugeot before the event because I am about to go back to the Netherlands for a two week vacation. I had the same wheels on my Silver Peugeot 405. 15" speedline... One of the best looking wheels I have ever seen.

The Subaru and Evolution crowd was real, The Aventador was accessible so I got some shots of that and I got up close to a Ferrari 488 GTB for the first time (what nice lines) and towards the end there was an R34 that drove by. No matter the weather, it is always awesome to be out. And, the best thing next to the 205?: I never had so many people tell me they enjoyed my videos. It made my day.


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