What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

As I type this it is raining outside. Guess we got lucky again! I am glad I showed up, because two of my favorite cars were in attendance. The DeLorean and a Lamborghini Countach, the latter I only saw because it left right in front of my lens and I was lucky enough to catch it! It was also driven by that guy from Gas Monkey Garage, allegedly... Because I had the Countach body in frame, not the driver! Some people did post selfies with the man, so I bet it would be possible!

Police was out in full force, and to make matters worse the exit corner I usually stage at was filled with people. Since there was also a police car there I moved to another corner, but to no avail. Another police car! Luckily one of them joined the other and people could get on the pedal again at my usual corner!


When I walked away after the show I noticed something you would be very hard pressed to find in the USA. JDM folks can rejoice... A S15 Nissan Silvia!

My favorite was the Lamborghini, but since the shot I got was not screenshot worthy the DeLorean gets the honors!

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