Cars & Coffee Dallas // March 7th 2015

Another month flew by and we are now in March 2015. Last month police presence was quite noticeable. This month? It was at the highest level I have seen since I started shooting Cars and Coffee videos. I asked the staff about it and they informed me that they had arranged it.

Why? It is quite simple. When there is no enforcement people literally go well beyond their limits because they know folks are watching (and probably filming). Most of you have seen the December mustang crash I filmed, and that is one of the reasons why there is a need for law enforcement. To keep a lid on things, to keep people from going too far.

One thing that is synonym with the amount of enforcement is the amount of acceleration videos I capture. And this month, there weren't nearly as much. But it was another month for firsts, but this time in the form of a person. I got to meet a YouTube famous motovlogger that goes by Jake the garden Snake. All I got for proof are the signature wheelies when he and his group he dubbed "the Gnome Nation" left.

Perhaps in the months that follow police presence will dwindle again, allowing for some spirited driving and riding across the board. No matter what happens in front of my camera, I will capture it. But I hope people will start to tone it down just a little when police presence dwindles so we can find a happy medium. If you bust your ass or loose control in the slightest they have a reason to come back next month. Some acceleration, maybe a little unintentional wheel spin, but no antics that would show the need for enforcement to the same level I have seen this month.


See you on the flip side!

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