Cars & Coffee Dallas // May 2nd 2015

Driving over from my house to Cars and Coffee yielded a grand total of 5 police cruisers. I feared we would have a repeat of last month’s C&C. The temperature was up from last month, and with that I knew attendance would be high. I still arrived at my usual 8:30am and paid the price. I had to park a quarter mile away after driving over 2 lots without a single space left. Maybe I should get up earlier…

So police presence wasn't as high as I feared. Maybe those Duke Boys pulled them all away. Or the bandit was running blocker… I don’t know. All I know is that I captured some great acceleration clips in addition to some stellar rides in the parking lot!


A couple of ponies took off in a drifting fashion, and it was clear the drivers where no stranger to such antics. I can’t condone it as loss of traction has the potential to turn into a meeting killer. But deny everyone the awesomeness of the footage? Nope… It happened, I got it on film, so we’re going to go ahead and include it as part of proper journalism. Report it as it happens!

It does beg the question… Should I create a “how to behave at C&C” (or any car meet) video? It would probably fall on deaf ears… But if it influences just one person to do the right thing it’s a win right?

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