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Cars & Coffee Dallas // May 7th 2016

Another great day, flanked by bad weather on both sides. Sometimes I truly think the car gods are keeping the weather at bay so Cars and Coffee can go on.

I was late, 8:30 is when I arrived, so I knew I had to park in the boonies. But when I arrived I noticed cones where there were no cones previous. Another buisness is spending money on private security for that one day to keep people from parking on their property. I asked Cars and Coffee staff and the answer was what I feared it would be. People have been leaving a mess every month, and as such the parking lots of the two closest businesses are now off limits.


There are two things that kill meets. One is the obvious (crashes and being immature) but the other is only seen when the people are gone. Trash. It is so easy to leave that can or that bottle in a car. Don’t just chuck it on the ground. It’s not cool... and before long no one can spectate anymore.

But enough PSA. No one that reads this leaves trash at meets anyway. Because we’re all responsible car enthusiast right? Without further ado...

Which was your favorite? The swapped RX7 (cover car) was boss, but I also really enjoyed looking at those Cutlasses!

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