Now, usually around this time I post my happy go lucky Cars and Coffee: Dallas video. But, not this time. I always arrive fashionably late, so I can get cars leaving right off the bat, which for me is one of the highlights of going to cars and coffee. I also borrowed a mirrorless DSLR (sony a6000)

People usually get on it a little, and sometimes a lot. Sometimes there is a little burnout, or the impromptu drift. Nothing out of the ordinary, and all great footage.

But... At 8:33am something happened. I had my camera glued to the car as it left. A silver metallic Mustang GT. I remember thinking "That's how I would have ordered mine." Looked great, sounded great... and he was getting on it.

The video shows how it went down. A bad day. But, not just for this driver. When people act out police show up, this is nothing new. I have seen a lapse in enforcement, get some stellar footage, and the next month the police is there at every exit. But when people loose control at car meetings the meet itself can be in jeopardy. This venue has to be the #1 location in the metroplex. The tollway is right there, there are 3 entry and exit points, it is a nicely sized lot and there is plenty of parking surrounding the event for people like me. I would hate for the city of Plano to come in and ban the event, or Classic BMW deciding that they have had enough.

I have no dellusions. I have seen videos like this, have now shot one and there undoubtedly will be others in the future. But I am going to try anyway: When you leave a Cars and Coffee event there are huge crowds at the exits. They want you to get on it, they want you to burn rubber, they want you to show off. Empty your mind. It's you and the car. Don't do something you usually do not. Don't get pressured. You don't want to end up on YouTube like this poor soul. And you don't want to be the guy that got a great meet shut down.