November... It was colder, but still very managable. The wind picked up a little which makes me wish I had a proper microphone with a wind sock. I had to cut out some primo cars due to exessive wind noise. But this hobby is expensive enough as is and it doesn’t pay the bills (Oh, how I wish that was not the case... ThatDudeInBlue fame, why have you forsaken me?)

Still, some very nice iron showed up, and my personal favorite had to be the fairlady Z. It was built so nicely. I can’t tell if it is a 260z or 280z (or perhaps even a 240z with the later tail light section) but it was a beauty!

Another one was the 1974 Challenger. Sure, later model... Not as desirable as the 1970-71's, but man. The alternative was the Mustang II or a Camaro with that odd looking front and rear tail section... No, The 74 Challengers still looked good IMHO!

A first gen Camaro nearly took the cake though... it chopped like a BOSS!

(note: I don’t hate the mustang II, I’d rock a King Cobra... and the Camaro? Would still run a 1974... It’s a classic and the last year it did not have a wraparound back window!)