Cars & Coffee Dallas // October 4th 2014

It never ceases to amaze me how I can completely miss cars, especially a high profile ones. While I was capturing cars leaving a young kid asked me: You drive a grand marquis right? When I said yes he then promptly said that I was "The Dutch Texan". I was recognized from my YouTube channel for the first time. It was a humbling experience, and he even wanted to take a picture with me which I happily did. He then proceeded to ask me if I got the Veyron on film. My reaction was: "Veyron? There is a Veyron here?"

He pretty much led me straight to it, and I immediately realized why I had missed it even though I got shots of a BMW i8 that was not that far away from where the Bugatti was parked. The wall of people around it completely obscured it from view. It was quite hard to get a shot without people in it. And at one point I even scolded two teens that were about to take a picture with the car whilst both touching it with their fingers. "If you don't own it… don't touch it without permission. Have some respect for others automobile."

In the end the fisheye lens on my action cam proved its worth once again and I got some shots. I even managed to get it leaving. But, to be honest, the Mercedes that left after the Veyron did a better job. Although I don't think a lot of people saw the controlled sidestep due to their eyes being glued to the Veyron and its awesome, but seemingly effortless 0-? Pull.

This month was the most epic one yet. Early on in the video I heard an ambulance. This probably explained why there was hardly any police presence there. The people that where leaving must have noticed too because I captured a lot more shenanigans than usual. There is some footage from this month that will make it in the "best of C&C 2014" compilation that I am planning on doing in December.


I hope you enjoy this month's installment, and I'll see you on the flipside!

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