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Cars & Coffee Dallas... REDUX

Sometime in November the news broke. Cars and Coffee Dallas was going to be back. I had to pinch myself. My channel pretty much grew on the popularity of that show, and it was a major hit when it left. I loved shooting the cars, meeting people there and just generally having a good time. Other shows have picked up the slack, but they never had that same feel to me. Still to this day. Cars and Coffee Dallas, at the Classic BMW dealership in Plano, will forever be legendary.

As I made my way over I noticed that the line to get in was non existent. Something that definitely was not the case for the final edition, where people were still waiting to get in when I arrived. Once I got in the show attendance was down too, but the cold and the new rules (show cars only, donation to Toys For Tots Required) definitely contributed to that. The flipside? I saw some very awesome cars that I haven’t seen in a while.


The absolute favorite was the Ford GT, it just looks amazing. Usually I pick an old school car (loved the 383 ‘cuda, it was a 4 speed!) but this time it just struck me right. Still salty it doesn’t have a V8 but aside from that it still sounds pretty darn good.

What was your favorite? And if any OPPO’s went, what did you think? I honestly hope it comes back every once in a while during the year, not just the year end. This format works wonders and upped the quality of cars tremendously!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2020 people! See you on the flip side!

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