Cars & Coffee Dallas // September 3rd 2016

Fall... how I love you. As you come closer you embrace us with the beginnings of winter, the start of a decline in temperatures that brings out the best in people. At least, in Texas.

Strangely enough I could park in my primo parking spot. It must have something to do with Labor day, having less native people in the DFW area due to the holiday weekend travels. But car wise? Some very nice ones showed up.

The Alfa Romeo Montreal, the cover car for this month, I have seen many times, and it stays one of my favorites. It just has so much soul, so much passion. And it helps that the gentleman who owns it drives it as it is supposed to be driven.

There also was a LaFerrari! Getting stationary shots of that beauty however... was something akin to suicide. And with my perfectionist eye I wouldn’t be able to use any of it due to the masses of people around the vehicle (and inadvertently in front of my lens). I caught it leaving, which unfortunately was cut a wee bit short by the masses of people pretty much walking to the edge of the street to get some footage of it.


So, which one was your favorite this time? Don’t tell me the Saab VIGGEN. I am just starting to come to terms that the review I did on that 9-3 a while back is going to be my #1 channel video eventually... Still can’t put my finger on that one...

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