Cars & Coffee Dallas // September 6th 2014

Whenever the first Saturday rolls around I know I am in for a treat. And I know I am going to be loosing sleep. First because I got to get up early instead of sleeping in and second because I know I will be editing a lot of footage when I get back home.

Sometimes I have the nagging feeling: I am just not going to go this time around. I don't think I am going to get any good footage, the cops are going to ruin the party or it's just too damn hot.

All those excuses are just that... excuses. I saw cars I have never seen before, the cops where no where to be seen (well... compared to the last two events) and when editing the video I noticed something I have never noticed before. It seemed I captured a whole lot more female drivers this time around. It is always a good day when females take interest in cars. It's a better day when they are actually driving them!

And I just noticed I missed the DeLorean. Sure, I saw it last month and try not to film cars I have done the previous month. But maybe this was another owner. And I just can't get enough of it! I got it BAD!


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