I've been to Cars and Coffee almost every month since about June. I've always taken the Audi while it was nice and clean and invariably, it would be almost completely ignored, except for the occasional rally geek and classic German car aficionado.

So, I decided to pose an experiment. I'd planned on washing the Audi yesterday, but since Cars and Coffee was today, I thought I'd leave it dirty and take it to C&C like that, just to see what happened. The result?

It was a smash hit.

As I pulled in, everyone was looking and pointing, smiling and giving me thumbs up. I originally parked because some M3's and VW's, because I liked the contrast of all that shiny German metal lined up next to my mud-splattered old Quattro. I spent most of the first part of the morning fielding questions, accepting compliments, and having conversations with people who loved the car and wanted more information about it. Everyone thought it was awesome how I'd left it dirty.

Later on, I was invited to park next to the Jeeps, because they found it hilarious that theirs were cleaner than my Audi. I gotta admit, it was pretty hilarious.

So yeah, my advice is that if you have an old-school Quattro and it gets ignored at your local car meet, go hit up a mud-pit first and go enjoy the newfound spotlight, lol.


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