Round Three!

No winners yet, reposting for the weekday crowd!

E92Matt - finally managed to figure out what it is!

The Bauer LTD Catfish, a Miata based tube frame chassis car, mostly seen on the track. Can be bought assembled or as a DIY kit car. This particular example has 108HP and weighs 1500lbs.

This image is the same car that I saw. According to the builder it “drives like a go cart and sounds like a snarling beast.” It’s the first completed car on the east coast, with a few others in the process of being built still. Flying Miata has also built a couple, so expect them to start popping up more and more.


And no, the Catfish has no doors. The body comes in four pieces, the left and right fenders, trunk lid and hood.

You know the rules, no spoilers, ask questions and I’ll answer them vaguely. Winner gets an internet! I hope this one is a real stumper.