A couple of years back, i did a series of automotive illustrations for our local quarterly held Cars & Coffee styled meet before printing them out on art-cards and giving them away. It never occured to me to put them together until now.

The cars are all my original artwork, the ladies are edited stock images from a talented Russian illustrator, R_lion_O. It was a year-long project and was also the result of me wanting to try illustrating cars from a more “fashion” style of artwork. I hope it worked out.

The one that started it all. This 2002 was based on car designer Radu Muntean’s 1970s beauty. This remains my favourite and i have a giant A1 sized version print hung up on my wall.

After the 02, i had to pen one of my dream cars. An Alfetta GTV. One day…


With the German and Italian ladies done up, i looked to Japan for the next one and i figured you cannot really get more iconic Japanese than an AE86. Perhaps a GTR but i think AE86s were the cars that really started it off for many Japanese enthusiast.


For the final meet of the year, i went with the classic wedged shaped Lotus Esprit. It had to be an S1. Personally, i feel the earliest cars have the purest and prettiest aesthetic. I think this piece has a slight James Bond feel to it no?

I hope you liked this small series of automotive illustrations. Maybe one day i’ll pen up a few more.