Cars & Coffee July 25: Bandit Bait Edition

Pretty good turnout, not too hot, but some awesome toys showed up.

2200 mile Ferrari 550 Maranello Spider. Gorgeous car, but needs more miles. V12 up front, drop top, manual trans. Sounded great. I’m not much for Ferraris, but this does everything right. Just needs a lot more miles. Many many more miles. I offered to help, but the owner didn’t seem interested.


Resto-modded Trans Am. Built for pro-touring and autocross duties. Travels all over for shows, next show coming up is in Ohio/Illinois area. Very cool dude, builds rest0-mods for a living. There’s a Firebird that’s incredibly similar to this car, both built by him. Absolutely gorgeous.

Dat duck tail. Ohhh dat duck tail.


Positively gorgeous Volvo 122S Wagon. I wish I had room for another car, I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

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